What to know


Whether you have doubts about how to get to Iberá Wetlands, why stay with us or just curious to know more about this exquisite part of the world, we invite you to continue reading for instructions, safety tips and our most precious recommendations.

Every season of the year is beautiful and different to visit the destination. Each season has its charm and there are no clear periods of rain.

During the summer most of the birds are nesting with their young. The migratory birds find in the Iberá reserve, an appropriate place to spend the season. Aquatic plants such as water poppies and water hyacinths give the Estero / Wetland a great color while the white orchid and the “Caraguatá” (Bromelia penguin) do this in the mountains. Many of the plants are in their magnificence due to the excellent combination of heat and humidity.

In autumn and spring the temperatures are temperate so it is a perfect time to see the deer of the swamps during mating season, thus it is common to see them in groups.

Winter is an ideal time to see the caiman that takes advantage of all the places available for sunbathing, which is vital because they are cold-blooded reptiles. They can be observed in groups of up to 20 specimens side by side. You can also see migratory birds that fly from Patagonia fleeing from the cold. It is an ideal climate to see strange animals such as the “Curiyú” or yellow anaconda that climbs trees and rocks to hibernate.

Being an area with high humidity there are mosquitoes but not in excess as it is believed, there are even days when they are not perceived. Using mosquito repellent during excursions is enough to enjoy nature with no hindrances.

It is an ideal destination to visit as a family. The excursions are designed for adults and children to enjoy the experience to the fullest. We offer babysitting service with different activities so that the whole family can enjoy a pleasant time.

Before leaving and set out on the adventure, this is your travel essentials list.

  • Sunscreen
  • Mosquito repellent
  • Sun hat
  • Rubber boots or waterproof shoes
  • Swimwear
  • Comfortable clothes
  • Windbreaker jacket

Yes, Yes, it is satellite and its stability depends on the weather conditions. . This means that sometimes you can only access this service from the main hall of the lodge. We suggest you take your stay as an Internet Detox.

In all sectors of the nature reserve only catch and release fishing is permitted, and it is possible to fish only in sectors authorized by park rangers.

The lodge does not have fishing gear and does not offer excursions for this activity.

No, we do not accept pets.


From 12pm on the day of your arrival.


From 10am on the day of your departure. The schedules are for the use of the room, but you can take advantage of all our facilities. You will also be able to have the room in case of not needing it for the check-in of other guests.


We are located in Colonia Carlos Pellegrini in the Iberá Wetlands, Corrientes, Argentina.

How to get to
Ñandé Retá?

Regardless whether Iberá Wetlands is part of a combination of destinations to the North of Argentina or your only destination, we offer different transport alternatives to reach the Lodge.

By car

We suggest driving via Mercedes, take Provincial Route 40 northwest until Colonia Carlos Pellegrini which is 120km from the destination. The first 40 km are paved roads and the remaining 80 km are gravel roads.

Important: In case of heavy rains, the 80 km gravel road of Provincial Route 40 may be affected and only accessible in 4-wheel drive vehicles. We do not recommend driving a car in these circumstances.

By bus

You can get there by bus to Mercedes, a town located 120 km from Ñandé Retá.

You can choose the regular Minibus service that takes 4 hours of travel or coordinate the transfer in 4×4 pick-up trucks that take 2 hours.

By plane

The closest airport is Posadas (Liberator General José de San Martín International Airport). Located 250 km. from Ñandé Retá and it is approximately four hours of travel

You can also choose to arrive in Corrientes (Doctor Fernando Piragine Niveyro International Airport). Located 380km and it takes approximately five hours to reach Ñandé Retá.