Historias del Iberá

It’s raining toys

The magic of tradition glows even in rainy days in Ñande Retá. As if the sky understood our mission, the sun appeared when we most needed it. Born from an initiative of the Ñande Retá family, toys rained from the sky.

On a stormy day, thunders suddenly stopped to give place to the rays of sun. The muddy streets of Pellegrini turned into a stage where smiles and joy were the main characters. Coming from Ñande Retá, a caravan full of enthusiasm and honoring the family traditions, gave away toys and cakes among the houses of the community.

From all the corners of the town, dozens of children running towards the caravan could be seen enjoying the music. The event brought the satisfaction of exchanging toys for smiles, smiles that fed the souls of everyone in town, reminding us the importance of simple, authentic and real things.

Thanks to all the people in the Colony, to the children and their parents, for the commitment of all Ñande Retá staff and family, and to all the people that participated in this tradition. We are proud to honor our place, our community, aur children and their childhood.

“Many small people, in small places, doing small things can change the world” (Eduardo Galeano)