Historias del Iberá

Sacred plants: Mercedes

There are secrets of nature hidden around Ñande Retá.

Mercedes is one of the local descendants of the original Guarani people who lived in the estuaries since ancient times. For more than 40 years her mother, Eusebia, was in charge of delivering all the babies that were born in the lands around Iberá. She was also responsible for treating the illnesses of the people of her community. Mercedes, her daughter and hero of our story, grew up learning and watching her mother, and also taking care of her little brothers and sisters while her mum was gone during days assisting births. Among Mercedes’s memories, there are the specific indications her mother gave her in order to mix the cow milk with some herbal tea for feeding her younger siblings, as well as for the newborn calves to avoid indigestion.

With all the knowledge inherited from his mother, Mercedes approaches Ñande Retá to guide our guests in an unique walk in which she shares the ancient secrets of all the medicinal plants that surround the Colony. Our exclusive excursion brings up the opportunity to learn about the power of nature hidden among her plants. Next to Mercedes, you will discover how these plants were used during generations to heal the body and the spirit.

The excursion ends with a special ceremony where Mercedes honors Mother Nature and gives thanks for sharing her gifts. It is a special moment to connect with the healing energy that abounds in this sacred place.