Hike along the Trail of the Carayá Monkeys

Approximately 1 hour.

Family Activity

Suggested in good weather

Outdoor Activity

Starting from the interpretation center “Agua Brillante” at the access to Colonia Carlos Pellegrini, you get to the “Trail of the Monkeys” where the Corrientes forest is shown as a natural, green gallery, with hundreds of bird species and ancient trees of different species that barely allow the sun’s rays to come in. These trees form the main habitat of the Carayá or Black Howler monkeys.

Trekking through the Wetland to Camba Trapo

2 hours

Family Activity

Specially designed for bird watching fans. A tour where you can see more than 350 different species with their fascinating customs and colors, such as the yellow cardinal. You can also spot capybaras, armadillos, deer and foxes.

Visit to the Interpretation Center “Aguas Brillantes”

Approximately 1 hour

Family Activity

A not to be missed stop by the Visitor Center of Colonia Pellegrini. The information provided in the Center will be the starting point to later be able to appreciate in depth the culture and the protected nature of the Iberá Provincial Reserve. Alone or accompanied by park rangers, you will be able to walk the two trails that leave the Center as the “Trail of the Carayá Monkeys.”

Night walk through the National Park

2 hours

Only on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays

Family Activity

We invite you to venture on the other side of the Iberá Wetlands Reserve and discover a new world that only takes shape and color in the midst of darkness. Listen to the howls of the three species of foxes that inhabit the nature reserve and the song of long-eared owls and owls coming from the depths of the woodland.

Other experiences that we recommend

Horseback riding through Wetlands & Palm Groves

A not to be missed experience on horseback through the Esteros & Palmares /Wetlands and Palm Groves with crossing of marshlands.


Safaris by boat

Encounters with caimans, birds, water hyacinths and water poppies that give rise to the phenomenon of the “embalsados” (mass of floating water weeds).


Safari through San Antonio

Adventure by boat and on horseback to learn the traditions of Iberá and to live them in person through the guiding of our local expert guides.

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We do it living inharmony with nature.