Horseback Riding through the Wetlands & Palm Groves with crossing of Marshlands

Approximately 2 hours.

Family Activity

Enjoy unforgettable moments on horseback through the quiet streets of the village of Carlos Pellegrini. Let yourself be carried away by the stories of ancestors that gave rise to these lands and discover the “Payé” while you adventure in the Palmares /Palm Groves and around the Ibera lagoon.

Safari por San Antonio

Approximately 4 hours.

Only in good weather

Family Activity

Additional cost

The morning in the Iberá begins with our guides driving you in 4 × 4 pick-up trucks from the Lodge to our pier. There the tour continues with a half hour tour by boat to the shore of Estancia San Antonio where a local expert guide is waiting for you. The tour continues on horseback and will take you inland for sightings of thorn trees, viscacha burrows and giant anthills until you reach the farm that awaits with traditional cold cuts from the region and the unmistakable Argentinian wine.

Our guide will be in charge of driving you back so you can enjoy a unique landscape while returning to the Lodge.

Other experiences that we recommend

Boat Safaris

Encounters with caimans, birds, water hyacinths and water poppies that give rise to the phenomenon of the “embalsados” (mass of floating water weeds) , authentic floating islands that complicate the geography of the lagoons, as well as extensive cyperaceae (flowering plants).



Discover the world of the Carayá monkeys and a variety of trails that show the most intimate side of the nature reserve.


Safari through San Antonio

Adventure by boat and on horseback to learn the traditions of Iberá and to live them in person through the guiding of our local expert guides.

Everyone wants to achieve true peace.
We do it living inharmony with nature.