Night safari in pick-up trucks

1.30 hours approximately.

Family Activity

We invite you to enjoy a unique experience in a pick-up truck through the quiet streets of the village of Carlos Pellegrini, and then start the great adventure to discover the night world of monkeys, capybaras, foxes, caimans and other species that can only be seen at night.

Cultural tour through Colonia Carlos Pellegrini

1.30 hours approximately.

Familty Activity

We invite you to take a journey starting from the old wood bridge, which adds airs of ancient times since the beginning of this adventure. Unpaved streets with names in Guaraní, a central square full of green vegetation and no sidewalks, plus the silence and the reigning nature, make the city of Carlos Pellegrini, a true natural refuge, an essential relief for the soul.

Other experiences that we recommend

Boat Safaris

Encounters with caimans, birds, water hyacinths and water poppies that give rise to the phenomenon of the “embalsados” (mass of floating water weeds) , authentic floating islands that complicate the geography of the lagoons, as well as extensive cyperaceae (flowering plants).



Discover the world of the Carayá monkeys and a variety of trails that show the most intimate side of the nature reserve.

Everyone wants to achieve true peace.
We do it living in harmony with nature.