Historias del Iberá

The myth of the hidden gold in Iberá

According to modern history, in times of Independence wars, the portuguese army situated in the south of Brazil, passed through the argentinian mesopotamia with the goal of rescuing the designated viceroy of the United Provinces of the Rio de la Plata, kept prisoner by revolutionary forces.

During this incursion, the Portuguese perpetrated bloody lootings to many of the villages on their way. Desperated, men and women escaped taking with them all their belongings, among them, the treasures of their churches, which included colossal amounts of gold and silver.

One of the routes that they used to escape was the one that goes through the Ibera estuaries. But the marshy soil turned into a deadly tramp, and what had once started as a desperate exodus, soon turned into their end.

The wagons filled with gold, along with their owners, sank forever in the lagoon waters. Since then, some locals whisper in secret, stories about mysterious glows shining at night on the horizon. They say that it is the glow of the lost gold. Yet, no one has ever tried to find it, and there is a reason for that. The locals assure that the water deserves respect, and that the spirits of the men and women swallowed by the estuaries, incarnate in their animals and plants, and wait patiently to whoever dares to take their gold from them.